Napoleon Chamber of Commerce – Commercial Development of Napoleon, Missouri

The Napoleon Chamber of Commerce is a community in the State of Missouri. It is a business directory that provides general information about the town of Napoleon. This group helps entrepreneurs with valuable information and attracts investors. The members of this business group build relationships with one another that will benefit their businesses. The website also provides sound business strategies for Napoleon businesses. It provides useful tips for new business owners. It is important to join the chamber if you plan to open a new small business in this community.

The chamber is made up of a number of business people who want to promote the area. John H. Duty is the manager of the Napoleon Lumber and Handle Company. He is also the secretary and treasurer. The members of the chamber are active in the community and work to support the local businesses. He is a member of the Knights of Columbus and is the president of the Napoleon Chamber of Commerce. He is a democrat who believes in community development.

The chamber was founded in 1896 by William E. Diemer. He was born in Holgate, Illinois, in 1881. He married Elsie M. Cramer in Napoleon, Missouri. The couple has two daughters, Irene E. Diemer and Elsie J. Diemer. The two are confirmed in the Catholic Church. They are both members of the Knights of Columbus and the Napoleon Chamber of Commerce. They live in Napoleon.

The Napoleon Chamber of Commerce was organized in 1884 with a capital of fifty-five thousand dollars. The founders, including D.J. Cable, were Lima residents. They built a beautiful central office and additional toll lines. In 1900, F. P. Diemer became the secretary-treasurer of the Napoleon Telephone Company. He has served as the company’s manager and has never had a vice president.

The Chamber of Commerce is a nonprofit organization in Napoleon, Missouri. The local chamber of commerce is a local organization dedicated to helping small businesses flourish. It is a business association with over 300 members, and its board is made up of local business owners and government officials. Its members are active in the community and help the community grow. It is important to have a strong and well-developed local economy, and the Chamber is a great place to get involved in the area.

The Napoleon Lumber Company was organized in 1896. The company was started by Judge M. Donnelly, E. L. Barber, and James S. Brailey. The founding officers were Fred D. Prentiss, Oliver Higgins, and Henry B. Hahn. They had a capital stock of $10,000 and were a democrat and a Catholic. The chamber of commerce has been a part of the town’s history since the 1800’s.