Landscapes And Rural Heritage of Napoleon Michigan Community

Taking the opportunity to discover the villages of Napoleon Michigan region can be the ultimate pleasure for tourists. It’s a perfect circuit to dive into authentic rural life, which passes through many small towns located in a magnificent protected environment. The visitors are often lucky enough to see deer, wild boars, and variety of birds.

Touristic and hiking options for the visitors of Napoleon Michigan

The information center workers and professional rangers of the forest will offer you the best option to discover the different ecosystems. It can be guided car tour as well as the pedestrian routes that will reveal their secrets. The viewpoint on many sites allow to shoot great pictures, as there’s lots of places to see in Napoleon Michigan!

Strolling along the river banks, you will find many places where you can rest or fish. Or enjoy the monumental heritage of the whole region. The diversity of the landscapes is very visible in places like Napoleon Michigan. Contrasting with the woods, an immense plain of green meadows surrounds the central forest area. Water is omnipresent, the lakes are ideal for bird watching.

Though there are interesting places to see for tourists who prefer fairs, festivals and celebrations, visitors  can do adventure sports or simply enjoy the beauty of nature in its purest form. There are also hotels in the houses that have long served as residences for the aristocracy of the region. Their large stone buildings are usually surrounded by gardens and sometimes include small chapels for religious celebrations.

Rural festivals and celebrations in Napoleon Michigan

Our village festivals, as familiar as they may seem, are worthy of interest. The rural festivals in Napoleon Michigan impress with their liveliness. The influx during these festivals is considerable, the villages hosting several thousand people for a weekend. In the end, these events punctuate the summer of the region! At least the “rural” summer.

Summer holidays, so-called “marquees”, are part of a real season, in the sporting sense of the term. During the period from April to October each year, the same festivities occur each weekend in every village of the region. The people of the regions organize their party according to the specialties of their homeland.

A certain image of these festivities circulates: it is a representation of rurality as a way of life once glorious that is not what it was.

There are several types of holidays, festivities and celebrations in the Napoleon Michigan region. They are mostly summer holidays, but there are also events organized at other times of the year, including carnivals. They can be divided into four major categories of festivities:

  • Marquees
  • Old-fashioned parties
  • Thematic parties
  • New rural festivals

Themed holidays and new rural festivals seem, at first glance, difficult to compare, as their programs are diverse – unlike marquee festivals, which offer the same activities on the same structure in three days, with remarkable predictability.

The new rural festivals are relatively recent festivals. They open the festive landscape by proposing events out of the usual patterns of rural festivities. They are centered around a certain theme – festival of asparagus, pumpkin, geranium, mill, etc. These celebrations in Napoleon Michigan are characterized by an eclectic program, designed to attract the widest audience possible.

The public to be present at the festivities is also diversified. The rural community of Napoleon Michigan attract everybody: rural “of stock”, neo-rural tourists, city dwellers, young people, elderly people, families. All visitors all are likely to find places to see and different animations that correspond them during these events.

Because the committees and non-profit organizations such as Napoleon Chamber of Commerce are at the base of these events are also from the agricultural world, they tend to propose activities more or less related to this world, in comparison with the marquee festivals.

In recent decades, the festivals of Napoleon Michigan community has followed the destiny of the rural: they gradually become secularized, expatriate and open to the outside. The presence of an audience is now an essential component of rural festivals. In the marquee festivals, the proportion of inhabitants of the village and of outsiders is reversed compared to a traditional old-time celebrations.

On the big Saturday evenings, villages of a few hundred people welcome several thousand people. The party becomes above all a show, an entertainment for an audience. The old-fashioned feasts, as if put in the spectacle of the past peasant world, follow the same dynamic; in essence, the latter only make sense through the presence of an outside public.